Councilman Duncan W. Harrison has requested a public information workshop on lead levels in the City of Trenton. There have been a number of news stories, locally and nationally, about high lead levels in various communities. “In times like these it is important that we provide our community with information in an objective and timely manner,” stated Councilman Duncan W. Harrison.

The workshop is scheduled for Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 5:30PM in City Council Chambers at Trenton City Hall. Confirmed presenters are: James Brownlee, Director/Health Officer, Department of Health & Human Services, Elyse Pivnick, Director of Environmental Health, Isles, Joseph McIntyre, General Superintendent, Trenton Water & Sewer Utility, and Everett Collins, Executive Director, Buildings & Grounds, Trenton Public Schools.

City Council and the general public will be provided with information about lead levels throughout the City of Trenton. Information will be provided that explains: state and federal programs that support lead abatement in our homes and schools, testing procedures and frequency, identifying lead laced infrastructure, staffing levels, and resources for individuals diagnosed with lead poisoning. Mr. McIntyre will address whether any lead materials are used to perform upgrades to our water infrastructure, how many water lines contain lead pipes, risk of corrosion to those pipes, and steps being taken to prevent lead contamination.

This is the second public health workshop that Councilman Duncan W. Harrison has requested. The first took place October 14, 2014 where members of our community were provided information about the Ebola/Enterovirus D68 threat.