Councilman Duncan Harrison would like to relay the following information to residents and businesses:  

“Municipal offices will be closed and trash collection will be suspended in the City of Trenton on Thursday, November 27 and Friday, November 28, 2014 for the Thanksgiving holiday. I am asking residents and businesses not to put their trash out. Trash pickup will resume on your next regularly scheduled day.   Moreover, let’s be good neighbors and share this information,” stated Councilman Duncan Harrison.  

Moving forward, Councilman Harrison will propose the following actions be taken to address this very important issue. These proposals will be made at City Council’s Tuesday, November 25th meeting:

  • I applaud Mayor Eric Jackson and his administration for their plan to use our Public Broadcast System to inform residents of the upcoming closure. I would recommend that the system be used each time municipal offices are closed and trash collection suspended. I will also recommend that a marketing plan be devised to encourage residents without land lines to sign up for the system.

  • The City should publish its Annual Municipal Closure Schedule in both newspapers.

  • The City should distribute this schedule, via email, to civic associations and neighborhood watch groups.

  • The City should post municipal closure notices on bulletin boards in City Hall and in key offices, frequently visited by residents.

The administration sets the annual municipal closure schedule and City Council approves it, via resolution. Currently, there are thirteen days in which municipal offices are closed and trash collection is suspended. 

“We need to be willing to have an honest conversation about how we handle trash in our community.  That is why I am proposing common-sense solutions to this very real problem that our City has faced for many years. I am confident that once residents and businesses have the right information they will make the right decision,” stated Councilman Duncan Harrison.