Councilman Duncan Harrison will recommend that the Department of Public Works make a bulk purchase of trash cans for various City streets, parks, and public property. Councilman Harrison will encourage the City to make use of excess New Jersey Clean Communities Grant funding, from the previous two years, to pay for the purchase. This recommendation will be made on Thursday, March 12, 2015 at our regularly scheduled City Council meeting.

“I believe the strategic placement of trash cans throughout the City, especially in litter-prone areas, will help us address our very real litter problem. We have to remember that a prosperous City is a clean City which is why I am requesting the purchase of 250 – 350 trash cans,” stated Councilman Duncan Harrison.


Councilman Harrison will also encourage our police department to have a conversation with local scrapyards. In the past some of our trash cans were stolen and scrapped. “We need to send a very clear message that the City of Trenton will not tolerate the scrapping of unlawfully obtained public and privately owned property. These businesses can no longer continue to accept scrap without regard to its origins,” stated Councilman Duncan Harrison.


One question that often comes up is how the City will afford to pay for workers and trucks to empty these extra trash cans. There will be no need for extra routes, workers, or trucks to empty these new trash cans. Councilman Harrison will recommend these new trash cans be emptied right along with residential and business trash pickup.


“I will recommend that funds are set aside in every budget, moving forward, that make litter abatement a priority. If I had my way there would be a trash can on every corner until the message was understood that trash belongs in a trash can and not on our sidewalks or streets,” stated Councilman Duncan Harrison.